WANTED: Creative Designer

Hello boofuls, (see previous post if unsure of the reference).

I hope you’re all doing well.


Today’s post is a short one, because I’m just advertising to you all, my booful Beas, the position of Creative Designer, for the Bea Cassidy blog. This person would be in charge of the creative/aesthetic side of the blog and would have co-control over admin.

This position requires someone who’s tech-savvy (being familiar with the WordPress platform helps) and who’s filled with enthusiasm.

For more details, have a look at the doc below.




If you’ve had a peek at the doc and can imagine yourself as Creative D. for BC, send me an email (or through the contact form at the end of this post), with your first name, your surname, Creative Designer Job Application Document Request as the subject/header and just a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hi Bea’ in the message section.

Job Application Forms Will Be Available Until Saturday, 18th April, at 7.00pm AEST.