WHY I LOVE … Being A Big Sister

“She’s my sister. Break her heart, I’ll break your face. ASSHOLE.”

What’s not to love about being a big sister?!

Hello everyone!

My name is Bea and welcome back to the blog.











To kick off Day 1 of Blogmas, I thought I’d write about why I love being a big sister to The Sister, who turns 14 on Friday (HOW can this be happening?!) I still remember forcing her into a toy pram, sticking a dummy in her mouth, grabbing the fuschia vinyl handbag that was half the size of me and slipping on some plastic Disney-esque heels, complete with glitter and tinsel. That’s right – I’ve been stylin’ since 99.

We’ve definitely grown closer over the last 2 years, since she has made the massive leap to joining the ranks and bloodbath that is high school. Of course, we argue (and when we do, it’s a Grammy-winning, 5 star-worthy kind of affair), but I still love her. She’s a major part of me and I feel lost without her.



For some sisterly love 3 days before her big day, read on …


I love talking to her, whether it be about her day, subjects, teachers, friends or boys (this has become a dominant topic over the last 12 months). It’s cool to see things from her perspective, and while I may not always agree with her, it’s interesting to hear her say some things that I said when I was her age, 2 years ago.








I love shopping with her, although she can be a very harsh critic. At least I know early on if that bikini top is really “me”, or not, or if it’s … Slut Central. (Toot toot!) We have virtually opposite tastes, so while it can be a challenge to shop for clothes for each other, it’s a fun one. Usually, though, if we want clothes, the other will just give us a gift card. That way we can pick our own – which we also love to do.







I love helping her, it could be with homework, makeup or what to do about someone or something.









It’s amazing to be able connect with her on such personal levels. For example, a few months ago, she considered me ‘stupid’ to watch makeup hauls or makeup tutorials, because they are ‘really boring’, but GUESS what she asks for, for her 14th?











(If you were wondering, I got her Models Prefer Contour Duo in Light). I searched high and low for the Designer Brands Cosmetics Pro Contour Kit, but had no luck in finding it.


It has been incredible to watch her evolve over the last 14 years. May the next 14 be even better and filled with love, courage, humour and opportunities. All my love, lil sis.


// Bea //



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