// NOVEMBER FAVOURITES ’15 // Bea Cassidy

Hello everyone! My name is Bea and welcome back to the blog. Well … here we are – it’s the second-last day of November – WOOHOO!

Can I just take a moment and share some calculations with you?!

Yes? No? Well, I’m doing it anyway (Hannahyep-style).

November 29th (the day this post is published in Australia) = 19 DAYS TILL MY 16TH BIRTHDAY! (I’ll email you all with my address so you know where to post the Porsche to!) 😉

November 29th = 26 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!

I am going to mix up the tradition of me starting with things that my lips have been adoring over the last 29 days and start with an eye product. 

On Friday night, I had a rehearsal for my end-of-year dance concert. I’d showered and didn’t really want to reapply makeup, seeing as Id just removed it and it would be counterproductive, because I’d then have to remove after the rehearsal, blah blah blah …

So I wacked on some Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser and my Designer Brands Lavish Lip Gloss in Tea Rose, but what about those pesky, somewhat-bushy brows of mine? (This is the favourite) I decided to brush some of my Savvy by DB Clear Brow Gel through dem brows.









I got this in Priceline’s Gift of Beauty bag way back in April and for a while, didn’t really reach for it. But over the last few months – and definitely throughout November – this has been a staple. Almost as much of a staple as a lip product. Big call, I know. On Priceline’s website, it’s only got about 3.5 stars, but how revolutionary do we expect $4.99 brow gels to be?  It holds my brows in place fairly well. But I don’t reserve this for my little caterpillars, oh no … I comb this through my upper and lower lashes, separating and curling them. They maintain their shape and with the dampness of the gel, they look polished and as if you’re wearing a touch of mascara, but I’m sticking by the school’s guidelines by NOT actually wearing mascara. Ooh, shady! 😉


Why oh why have I not discovered the wonders of blush until November?! Honestly, I have watched many a Makeup Collection video and COULD NOT understand people’s infatuation with blush. However, NOW I am on the other side of the fence. I think that it is LUDICROUS to not love that pop of colour.

I bought this Natio Blusher in Peach Glow in April, for God’s sake and have barely touched it until this month.








It is currently my ONLY blush, but I have 3 that are on my wish list. (Hence why I have asked most people for money or Priceline gift cards).

It looks matte in the pan, but when applied to the cheeks, finely-milled gold shimmer provide you with the most beautifully natural flush and highlight.

It’s warm and coral and is – dare I say it?! – ABSOLUTELY STUNNINGLY FLATTERING on my fair, cool pink-undertone skin. At $13.95, it’s fairly affordable and I LOVE IT.


I’m going to be SUPER boring and repeat a favourite from my October Favourites post. I have been wearing my Designer Brands Lavish Lip Gloss in Pink Rose virtually every day. It’s in my handbag / purse or in my ceramic jar where I keep my eye brushes, mascara, brow gel and my other lip gloss.

I’m not going to bore you with all the same professions of love for this gloss – you can read my October Favourites post for more information on it. The smell continues to wow me. EVERY SINGLE TIME I twist the lid off, I go into a state of euphoria that only partymix-scented goodness can induce.


Finally, I am considering doing BLOGMAS – where I post on Bea Cassidy every day in December. Some might be scheduled posts, others will be spontaneous and about who-knows-what, but I think it would be a fun, creative thing for me to do AS TUESDAY IS MY LAST DAY OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!

Let me know in the comments whether or not you’d be interested in my blog popping up every day in your feed.


// Bea //


One thought on “// NOVEMBER FAVOURITES ’15 // Bea Cassidy

  1. Lol I don’t have very many blushes either. :/ wish I could get my hands on some Milani ones though. The packaging is sooo gorgeous!
    As to posting everyday, I’m doing a blog challenge for November. Almost done. Lol.

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