UPDATE November ’15 // Bea Cassidy

Hello! This week, I’ve battled Blogger’s Block. I drafted some posts, but didn’t see them through. On Thursday, I was going to upload some Getting Ready Hacks

(but didn’t have time to take photos), so I thought, “I’ll do a ‘Bea Reads’ post, as DaynNight25 suggested I do when I met up with her almost 2 months ago in Melbourne!”. That didn’t pan out, so I then sent out a last-minute post asking for questions for a Beauty Q&A, but I couldn’t get my mojo back and only got one response, so maybe I’ll do a Q&A at Christmas. Let me know what you think in the comments. If you don’t feel like writing a novel, just say yes or no – it really helps me.

And then I was meant to upload November’s #BeaMakeupFree today, but haven’t (hence this update and – SPOILER ALERT – I didn’t last the 7 days. I cracked on the afternoon of the 6th day, before going to the barbecue). I have had some assessments to do and some family’s come down for my Pop’s 85th birthday.

I had a 2 hour rehearsal for dance yesterday, in preparation for our concert, which is in 2 WEEKS – eek! Where has the year gone?! And next Saturday, I’ve got a friend’s farewell party. Theme: Formal / Vintage / Melbourne Cup. Is it Bea’s thing? HELL YEAH, BABY!

I also had my first gig, playing guitar and singing locally last weekend, so I was practising a crap tonne for that.

And on Wednesday, I got a job at one of the local supermarkets. I have training on Wednesday and I am SO EXCITED AND GLAD AND GRATEFUL! I haven’t worked for 6 months and I’ve really missed it; interacting with colleagues of all ages, meeting and helping lovely customers and, of course, earning a bit of cashola is most definitely a positive, coming up to The Sister’s 14th Birthday on December 4th, my 16th on December 18th and Christmas a week later! I do have a beauty wish list, so I’ll definitely be making my debut appearance at Sephora and Mecca, come the holidays.

And – THANK GOD! – Sephora Australia now has an online store! Hurray! Hazzah! *squeals with excitement*

I hope this has cleared up some things for you guys and clarified that I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

See you on Thursday for 100 Days of No Buy! 2015 (please note that it is coming on Thursday the 19th of November, but my No Buy actually ends on Tuesday the 17th of November.


// Bea //


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