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Hello everyone!

I am Bea and welcome back to the blog.

Today’s post is the first in a new segment entitled ‘In Response’, where I give my opinion on someone or something. I might have a rant or fully sympathise with who or what I’m writing about. Today, it’s the latter option.

May I introduce to you all …


… Nibbles (her real name is Michelle, but is more commonly known as Shell) – a 23-year-old Western Sydney inhabitant, JB HIFI employee, snake mum to Satine (who is a Murray Darling Carpet Python) and part-time YouTuber. AND she’s cruelty-free so, needless to say, Nibbles is bae.

Since this post is a ‘response’ to Nibbles, I thought I’d comment on a few of her YouTube videos, giving my thoughts and impressions on her and the content within each clip. These are just my thoughts I have during the video, so expect my comments to be a bit rambly, jumbled and all over the place.

I encourage you to watch the clips below and check her out on YouTube as Nibbles Official! Form your own opinion on her.

Why I Don’t Want To Get Married

Well done you for standing your ground on what is clearly a very controversial opinion, rather than kowtowing to society’s expectations … Marriage is a way that some see that makes them ‘pure’ in the eyes of God … YAAS, the pressure that is put on couples to marry is RIDICULOUS. What – is it only through marriage that love is whole and legitimate? I have an aunt who has been with her partner for a very long time, they are raising their beautiful son together and have no intention of marrying, (much to my staunch Catholic Nan’s dismay). I say – GOOD ON YOU! … Just because something has happened for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s right and that it’s the ONLY way to do something. Create your own path, be independent and look within your own heart to see what you actually want and truly believe … HALF of all marriages end in divorce. Let’s pause for a moment – 50%?! That’s CRAZY! So, you pay for a wedding – which, on average, costs 36 grand – and then you pay another 15 grand to separate from your spouse. All up, that’s half of $100,000 that could have been spent on something much more worthwhile and actually beneficial to you.

Sexuality is Fluid

Why do we need to label ourselves? Labels are restrictive and limiting. Be yourself; be open and honest – don’t do or say something to let others know where you stand when it comes to attraction … ‘Sexuality doesn’t exist’? Rather, we might have a ‘preference’; not such a crazy notion, Nibbles … THANK YOU for reminding us that we are ALLOWED TO CHANGE. Honestly, there’s pressure on us to think a certain way, and if not, never to stray from an opinion, but it’s complete rubbish. As we grow, we change, our ideas and beliefs evolve and develop. Hello, narrow-minded people?! It’s natural … Call yourself what you’re comfortable with calling yourself, if you want to label yourself as anything. Otherwise, consider yourself a human who likes other humans AND LEAVE IT AT THAT.

The Girlfriend Zone: V2.0

Firstly – can I just have a moment and RAGE about how poor Nibbles had to TAKE DOWN HER OWN VIDEO because a couple of narrow-minded people didn’t like her opinion? For God’s sake – just because you don’t agree with her, does not give you permission to begin World War 3 …  The topic of boys being friend-zoned is a hot one, but it seems taboo to ever talk about what happens when girls are friend-zoned – how they feel and the impacts of them being shut down and limited by who they’re interested in. It’s almost as if girls being friend-zoned isn’t a real thing, it doesn’t matter and that we should just get over it … Yes, boys – maybe we just want your support and friendship, not a romantic attachment.

Healthy Relationships

Yes – no respect, no friendship. Now that’s an equation I can solve (I suck at Maths) … If someone can’t tell you the damn truth, particularly to your face, honey – why would you bother trying to keep the relationship alive? A relationship without honesty is not a proper connection; it’s frayed and torn and full of deceit … It’s the same with support – if there’s no support, what’s the benefit of the relationship? That is; get out of it when there’s little or no support or encouragement! … When I can’t trust someone, I break away. Simple as that. When I get that sinking feeling of doubt in the pit of my stomach, a warning bell rings, promptly accompanied by a series of red flashing lights … I am sick of people who – point blank – refuse to admit to their stuff-ups, particularly while I am perfectly content to own up to mine. When they know they’ve hurt me and they refuse to apologise or try to justify their actions, grr … And finally – safety. The idea of ‘feeling safe’ around people is so often overlooked, yet it is one of the most basic requirements in a relationship. If you’re feeling scared, ashamed, embarrassed, tentative and nervous – what the hell are you still doing there, girl?!

Pretty incredible woman, isn’t she?

Let me know your opinions in the comments below.


// Bea //



7 thoughts on “// Dear NIBBLES: In Response // Bea Cassidy

  1. I have been watching her videos for a while now and I absolutely love her. She is so honest. She doesn’t tell you to feel how she feels about anything…she loves for you to form your own opinions and that is why I love her. Not to mention that she is cruelty free, her laugh and smile is infectious and she rocks. Lol

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  2. Never heard of her but yes, her views are a breath of fresh air. I’ve been with my bf for 9 years and we get pestered ALL the time about getting married. Just leave us be – we’re fine the way we are. We don’t need to change ourselves to conform to society pressures.

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