// #BeaMakeupFree: OCTOBER ’15 // Bea Cassidy

Hello everyone!

My name is Bea and welcome back to the blog.

As I spoke about in my No Buy 2 MONTH UPDATE post, I went makeup-free from Monday the 12th to Friday the 16th, wearing just moisturiser, suncream and papaw cream on my face.

How did it go? How did I feel?

Just keep reading.

Being voluntarily makeup-free was a fun and eye-opening experience, where I quickly came to the realisation that I feel beautiful without makeup. Before this, I hadn’t known that; it wasn’t that I disliked how I looked without makeup (because I didn’t), but I had honestly thought that I felt more confident without makeup. Strangely enough, I learned in the #BFMweek that I feel more confident without makeup. There isn’t a major difference in my feelings between having makeup on and not wearing it, but it is a difference that I didn’t know existed – for me at least.

#BeaMakeupFree October 2015 wasn’t a difficult thing to do, for a few reasons.

1. My sister had all of my makeup and fragrances hidden in her room.

She was aware that I was being makeup-free for the week and knew that I wanted my cosmetics back on Friday night, so that I could wear some makeup on my friend’s 16th birthday weekend in Sydney.

2. I like how I look without makeup.

I am lucky to have fairly clear skin, except after overindulging in sugar or salt or if it’s ‘that time of the month’. I also have defined-ish features, such as piercing eyes, brown eyebrows (that I haven’t plucked for several months, so they are in full bloom) and don’t have undereye circles or darkness. I hope it doesn’t come across as bragging, as that wasn’t my intention in the slightest, and I know that I am very, very lucky to have the skin and face I have.

3. I don’t wear heavy makeup during the week.

I wear very plain, limited makeup to school – for both practicality and in order to abide by the strict rules. The only makeup I wear to school is tinted moisturiser (for sun protection, as most suncreams either break me out or give me dry patches), clear brow gel (to straighten up my brows and to brush through my eyelashes to give the illusion of mascara), lip gloss (both on my lips and sometimes as a highlighter) and a subtle lipstick. If I wore heavy makeup most of the time, I’m sure that the challenge would have been harder.

4. I have gone makeup-free before.

I can’t remember exactly when, but I know that earlier this year I went makeup-free for a full 7 days. On August 29 2014, I went makeup-free, to raise money for The Butterfly Foundation’s campaign with Makeup Free Me – I raised a couple of hundred dollars.

Check out theΒ Makeup Free Me Campaign here.


I honestly cannot recommend highly enough that you go makeup-free – whether it be for a day, a week, a month …

It doesn’t matter how long; the important thing is for us to demonstrate and love and acceptance of ourselves. Makeup is fun and for me, is an expressive form, as is art, music and literature.

Check out ex-Big Brother Australia contestant Tully Smyth’s video below.



// Bea //


10 thoughts on “// #BeaMakeupFree: OCTOBER ’15 // Bea Cassidy

  1. I honestly feel a lot better without makeup. I like my skin. My skin isn’t perfect, but I’m comfortable in it. Wearing makeup for me is only on special occasion or when k just want to “glow”. But it’s great that you realized that you love your natural skin. πŸ™‚ all of us women need to be confident in ourselves. πŸ™‚

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    1. Well said, lovely. And there are countless women who dislike the way they look, or lack self-confidence, so I get all proud and puffed up when I hear a girl say that they feel comfortable within themselves.
      // Bea //

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