// A Week Of Firsts: MELBOURNE // Bea Cassidy

Our week-long stay in Melbourne was a time of many firsts, which have (obviously) inspired this post. It was a week of fun, independence, injury, babysitting, family, train rides and meeting like-minded people.

I’ve compiled a little (?!) list of all the things we did in either in, or in transit to or from, Melbourne. Have a little nosey into my and The Sister’s week!


1. First time going interstate by train.

2. First time seeing trams IRL.

3. First time going to Cold Rock.

4. First time having a divine milkshake (courtesy of BOY & Co.)

5. First time catching a train into the city by myself.

6. First time using a myki card.

7. First time meeting up with other bloggers / YouTubers (Ami, Monica & Hannah).

8. First time having a non-sickly sweet iced chocolate (thanks a million Brother Baba Budan).

9. First time having sweet potato fries.

10. First time seeing a Topshop store.

11. First time going to H&M.

12. First time going to Lush.

13. First time seeing a Mecca store. 

14. First time seeing a Chloé bag in a Salvation Army op shop.

15. First time seeing a Michael Kors store.

16. First time seeing a Ted Baker store.

17. First time seeing a Fossil store.

18. First time seeing a Lindt store and cafe.

19. First time having a heavenly experience eating pizza (thanks to Pizza Religion).

20. First time vlogging.

21. First time going to a Kate Hill outlet store.

22. First time seeing a Michael Kors outlet store.

23. First time going to Luna Park.

24. First time going on a rollercoaster (Scenic Railway – 103 years old and you’ve still got it!).

25. First time hitting my head on a ride (props to The Enterprise).

26. First time getting a lump and bruise on my head.

27. First time throwing up out of the car window.

28. First time being verbally abused by a drunk guy for throwing up.

29. First time giving myself concussion. 

30. First time going to a Peter Alexander store. 





3 thoughts on “// A Week Of Firsts: MELBOURNE // Bea Cassidy

  1. oh no, what’s the story behind hitting your head on the ride?
    Are you ok with the concussion?!!
    Wow, that’s a lot of firsts – both good and bad. Life is all about these things. Memories were definitely created!

    Liked by 1 person

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