// 100 DAY NO-BUY // Bea Cassidy

Hey guys!

No b.s. – let me just tell you what’s going on.

I am not buying makeup for the next 100 days (well, by the time this goes up, it will be 98 days until I can purchase a new makeup product).

The last day of my 100 Day No Buy Challenge is November 18th – one month to my birthday, December 18th.

I do not have an outrageous makeup collection. Well, I suppose an ‘outrageous’ sized collection will mean different things to different people. I am not a blush buff or mascara maniac – my weakness is lip products, mainly lipsticks.

My aim over my 100 Day No Buy is to, firstly, save up some money for Christmas and my dad’s and friend’s birthday which are both on October 8 and get a little nest egg together for my sister’s 14th birthday on December 4.

However, my other interest is seeing how I feel without adding to my makeup collection. See if I feel better or worse for not buying that new lippie or eyeshadow. As someone who suffers with depression, I feel that I can speak for many of us depressed peeps when I say that we look to things that we enjoy and that we think will make us happy. And I feel like the rush of handing over $30 or more, for some new things that I slap on my face, is temporary.

I’d like to see if, and how, my mood changes throughout the next 100 days. I’m interested to see if my interest in makeup and surfing websites such as Priceline, Mecca and Sephora, decreases or increases and whether the feeling of needing to buy makeup goes up or down.

Every Sunday, I will have an update post going up in my No Buy Challenge, letting you know how I am feeling.

I am keeping a wish list with a few makeup items that I’d like – mainly mid-high end stuff – and during and after the Challenge, I will evaluate if I am still interested in them. Of course, to be able to buy any high-end products, I’ll need a part-time job, which are hard to come by where I live.

Let me know if you’ve done any No Buy challenges below and your tips and tricks to ensure that the money stays in the bank or in the pocket and is not transferred to the till of a drugstore.

I am also thinking of maybe collaborating with Stash Matters and starting a Beauty Addicts Anonymous, where we could have a Google+ chat or Skype sesh, once a month. What do you guys think?

Also, let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in possibly being involved with a Beauty Addicts Anonymous support group and if you have any ideas for names, leave them below.

As I heard Tracey Spicer say … we should be loving people, not things.





9 thoughts on “// 100 DAY NO-BUY // Bea Cassidy

    1. Thanks Katie. I think I’m going to be okay and I’m actually really excited about using my makeup collection without adding anything to it; I’ll find out what I really like in my collection.


  1. Aww how sweet of you to think of me to include in your Beauty Addicts Anonymous! There’s already a group called that on FB! 😀
    Not sure I could commit to a monthly chat but I can certainly do some sort of collaborative post! We should include Joy from StyledWithJoy too:
    I think your 100 day no-buy challenge is great – and there’s a good end date to celebrate your birthday too! 🙂

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