THE HIVE: Jade Madden

Welcome back to the second instalment of The Hive!

I’m sure that you all loved Lizzie and here’s another Aussie! (Can’t resist ’em. 😉 ).

Jade Madden is a cruelty-free beauty YouTuber and blogger, with rainbow hair.


Rainbow hair.


It’s so awesome!

(insert pic of Jade here)

What am I waiting for? Let’s get to know Miss Jade Madden!

  1. When and why did you decide to start your own YouTube channel? I’ll take you back a few years! It all started when I started my hairdressing apprenticeship. My boss would tell me that looking the part and being presentable was very important! At the age of 16, I didn’t really know much about makeup, so I turned to YouTube! I remember being blown away at what people could do with makeup. Instantly I feel in love! I started recreating the tutorials I was watching on myself. People started complimenting me, asking “How did you do that!?” and “Can you teach me!?”. I started posting pictorials on my Facebook page with step-by-step instructions. Then later on that year, my husband bought Jeffree my first video recorder and the rest is history!
  2. What is the aim of your channel? My channel has always been beauty-related, but I have always wanted it to be  more then that! My aim Jeffree always been to encourage and inspire others to just be themselves, no matter what society feels is “beautiful” or “how you should look”. I want my viewers to go away feeling empowered and happy about who they are!
  3. What is the ultimate goal of your channel? My ultimate goal for my channel (other than in question 2), is to grow my channel as much as I can, and to spread the message about cruelty-free beauty, showing you can still look amazing when using only cruelty-free products!
  4. When and why did you decide to go cruelty-free? I wish I had made the decision a lot sooner! When I first started my channel, I wasn’t cruelty-free. I was actually working on creating videos for Maybelline at the time of deciding to go cruelty-free! What really changed it for me was when my workmate (a passionate vegan) gave me a DVD to watch called “Earthlings”. For all of you out there who have seen it, well, you’ll know what I mean. For those of you who haven’t, I recommend you watch it (but have a box of tissues with you!). After watching that, I went cruelty-free!
  5. To what extent are you cruelty-free? (eg. vegan) Yes, I am vegan! Well, I eat as a vegan, though I am slowly transitioning to all vegan makeup. However, not everything I use at the moment is vegan. Beeswax is the most common non-vegan product that I have in my cruelty-free makeup collection.
  6. What message do you have for people who purchase cosmetics tested on animals? Ignorance is bliss. It’s very easy to say ‘out of sight, out of mind’, but I urge you to educate yourself. Do some research into the horrors that these companies inflict on helpless animals and it may change your mind. I’m at the stage now when I picture a makeup brand that tests on animals, all I see is pain and suffering. Very similar to how cigarette companies have to post awful pictures on their packaging, I see the same on the packaging of companies who test on animals! Looking at it that way, it’s now very easy for me to steer clear of those brands. 
  7. What message do you have for cosmetic companies who test on animals? Stop being greedy! Many of these companies earn millions and millions of dollars; they can afford not to sell to China! They just choose not to! I say to them, “Make a stand! Be brave and think about what you’re doing.” I would also urge the CEOs of the companies to go into the labs and witness the cruelty for themselves. 
  8. Which makeup brand would you love to purchase from, but won’t because they test on animals? M.A.C. – hands down! They have so much power in the makeup and beauty community. If they would stand up for animal rights, then I know other companies would follow. 
  9. Who are some of your favourite Aussie YouTubers and why? Oh, this is so hard, as there are so many! I love Chloe Morello, as she’s just so talented and has such wonderful creative ideas. I also love Mel from tango2+, Natalie from Community Channel and Melinda from MelindaINT, but honestly, I would be here forever naming them all … because I LOVE THEM ALL!!
  10. Which is your favourite drugstore makeup brand and which of their products is your absolute fave/must-have? I absolutely love Essence and Australis … well, I love all cruelty-free drugstore makeup! I would say that the Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz is a must-have and I use it as a primer, rather than a finishing spritz (though using it both ways is great, too!). OMG, it’s amazing! It transforms your makeup, making it last all day and all night!
  11. Which is your favourite high-end makeup brand and which of their products is your absolute fave/must-have? I would have to say Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s so incredible that they are cruelty-free and their makeup has become a staple in my makeup collection!
  12. What is your signature makeup look? I would say a bright bold lip (colour usually changes, but I do love my pink!), strong cat liner and very neutral eyeshadows! Gotta love a statement lippie.
  13. What are your handbag beauty essentials? Always a mirror, lipgloss or balm, blotting tissues, face powder and mints!
  14. What is your favourite lipstick and why? I have been loving the matte liquid lipstick craze, especially as I love bright lipsticks. Having one that lasts all day and doesn’t budge when you eat or drink, is fantastic! This is a hard question to answer, as there are so many that I love. But at this present moment, I would have to say Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in ‘Prom Queen’.
  15. Do you believe in ‘beauty sins’? If so, which ones should, under no circumstance, be committed? Yes, I do – to some extent. I know there are so many “Makeup Rules”, but to me there are no real rules with makeup. (After all) It washes off, so go to town! But beauty sins … well! My number 1 beauty sin that should never be committed, is going to bed with makeup on! I had it drilled into me when I was younger that if you wear makeup, you MUST wash it off before bed. And to this day, I ALWAYS remove my makeup before bed, no matter how tired, or (let’s be honest) tipsy I am!
  16. What are your thoughts on girls around 15 years of age, wearing a substantial amount of makeup? (read: full-coverage foundation, concealer, heavy bronzer, blush, liberally-applied mascara and a bright lipstick or gloss) This is a tricky one. I know when I was that age, I wore makeup; never full makeup, but I didn’t really know how to apply makeup back then. Times have changed so much! Kids are growing up so much faster and a normal 15 year old these days, is like me when I was 18. Makeup advice and tutorials are so much more accessible these days, especially with social media. I know that if I was growing up now, I would probably be applying my makeup very differently to how I was back then! A lot of girls look up to social media queens and they really do get inspired. A lot of these social media queens do wear a lot of makeup and (these young girls) are starting to see it as a must and ‘just what everyone else does’. I feel that if they want to do it, they are going to do it. But I know that with my little sister (she’s 13), I want to teach her the correct ways of wearing makeup, so that she won’t resort to caking it on!
  17. Which brand and products do you use to dye your hair and are they also cruelty-free? I am a La Riche Directions kind of girl! I have used many, MANY brands in the past, and none of them compare to Directions for colour payoff and lasting factor. And of course, they are cruelty-free! WOOHOO!!
  18. How often do you change the colour(/s) of your hair? Usually every 6 months or so. I tend to stick with one colour for a while, then start scheming my next hair colour adventure! It’s safe to say that I have literally been every colour. 
  19. Which of your physical features is your favourite and why? I would have to say my smile. I’ve always been a very happy, positive person. I love that when I smile, it makes others feel happy and makes them want to be happier, too! I’ve always known that a positive attitude is infectious!!
  20. Do you prefer writing your blog Jade Madden: Cruelty Free Beauty or making videos for your YouTube channel? I do love both. To be honest, however, I rarely get a chance to write on my blog, as opposed to YouTube! YouTube has always been my first priority. Hopefully, one day when I’m doing YouTube full-time, I’ll be able to set aside a few days a week for blog-writing, as I really do love it.

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