— I Think I May Have An Addiction –BEA CASSIDY

I think we may have a slight problem on our hands.

If I’m honest, it’s more than a little problem.

It’s major.

It’s an addiction.

And it’s only worsening.


My friends and family have been commenting on it.

I can see why, but I only have nine of them, unlike some people.

I have 9.

(insert pic here)

Is nine really that bad?

I have 4 lip-glosses, which I believe to be an acceptable number.

(insert pic here)

I have one liquid lipstick.

(insert pic here)

But what I’m worried about is my steadily growing, little, humble collection of lippies. I love them all dearly – bar one. Maybe two.

Lipsticks are my love. I feel that they’re an integral part of me. Part of my essence. My classiness. They’re chic. Sexy. Comfortable. And are the easiest way to change up an outfit, with very little effort.

I think that I am good in the respect that I’ve never paid more than $14.95 AUD, for a lipstick AND they are all cruelty-free. The cheapest I’ve spent was $6 on a MIKI lipstick, before I made the change to cruelty-free. I have since passed it on to a friend, as the colour was a bright deep pink and wasn’t very wearable. (Hope you’re enjoying it, Gemma!)

As I said previously said, lipstick is my love. I’m devoted to it, perhaps more than I’ve ever been in love. Except for one guy. 😉

I’m not a blush girl. I just have one. (It’s Natio’s ‘Peach Glow’, if you were wondering). I have 2 eyeshadow palettes (Natio Mineral Eyeshadow Trio in ‘Bronzed’ and my beloved Innoxa Daytime Neutrals Palette, well, three if you include my Arbonne Majestic Color Collection Palette, with 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushers and a lipgloss). I have one highlighter (it’s a mineral powder highlighter by Natio, but has been discontinued). I have 1 mascara (the Innoxa Lash Define Mascara in ‘Brown Black’). I have one BB cream, but I won’t link it because, frankly, I don’t recommend it. I have 1 tinted moisturiser – Natio’s Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in ‘Neutral’. And finally, I only have 5 nail-polishes, two of which are Natio (the shades are ‘French’ and ‘Sugar Plum’).

**Stay tuned for a ‘Makeup & Skincare Directory’ page, where all my cosmetics and skincare products will be listed and linked.**

So, how to cure this addiction?

I’ve now banned myself from entering drugstores/chemists, because purchasing is inevitable and attempting to say no to oneself is pointless. (At times, that little voice inside me known as a conscience, has not a hope in Hades of persuading me to not buy something.

Also, I’m keeping a birthday wish list of things (primarily makeup), that I’d love to purchase with birthday/Christmas money (my birthday is December 18th, so there’s only a small gap), or to ask my friends and family to buy for me.





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