Taking A Short Break

Okay …

So after a few weeks of posting twice per week, I feel I need to take a break.

Just a week, but a week nonetheless.

I head back to school for the commencement of Term 3 on Tuesday, so I just need a few days of peace and quiet, though good luck with that Bea(!), what with The Sister redoing her room (it has been painted, new decor has been purchased blah blah blah) and the carpet man coming back again at 9am on Saturday, periods of quiet shall be few and far between.

I never realised how enjoyable and rewarding posting regularly was, until I implemented a new ‘blogging schedule’. It got rid of a lot of stress and a beautiful harmony amongst my academic, social and blogging life was born.

If you didn’t know, I am in Year 10 in Australia and despite many labelling it a ‘bludge’ and the phrase ‘Year 10 doesn’t matter’ being drummed into myself and cohort, by students, we have been feeling the pressure and the realisation that selecting subjects that will substantially cement our future, has hit home.

In addition, I have been back into singing and playing the guitar much more, which has, for the last year or so, been little shown, as depression sucked my love and passion for music, out of me.

I love blogging so, so much, but I just need a week’s break.

However, I do have Saturday’s blog post all ready to go – it’s a ‘Real Talk’ (a post on something that is personal and relevant to me, though I’m sure that many of you will relate). I also have the second edition of ‘The Hive’ at the ready for Wednesday and one or two things are in the pipeline.

I know that you will all understand and please know that I will still be checking my WordPress Reader every day and liking and commenting on your posts, the only difference being that I will not be writing any blog posts. I have told myself that if I have an idea, I shall write it down in my one true love ‘Notes’ app and when the week is up, get straight back into blogging.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and a bit and I hope that you will enjoy the upcoming two posts, before I go on sabbatical.

I hope that this break will re-energise and inspire me, so that Bea will come back, buzzing and stinging better than ever.

I love you all.





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