This is the story of when I fell in love for the first and only time … This is written and told by me – Bea.


His eyelashes looked as if they could fly away if they wanted to.

However, something kept them there.

It was not gravity, nor was it the stiflingly heavy, humid air.

Nothing and everything, kept those eyelashes fluttering against the boy’s pale soft skin.

Those lush, gorgeous lashes would never desert me, until the conclusion of the year 2013, when I turned 14.

I first met this angel-like creature when I was moved up to Year 1, in Term 2 of 2006. He had platinum blonde hair, that tended to flop across part of his forehead. But what I loved the most was his picturesque, piercing blue eyes. They were sharp and unforgettable and I frequently got lost in them.


This is the story of when Bea and Daniel fell in love … This is written and told by Death.


It was his eyes that she noticed first. Those startling blue eyes that many would kill for. Eyes usually don’t mean anything to me – they are simply what you see with. However, even I had a soft spot for those eyes.

His eyelashes brushed his eyelids and seemed to tango across his face. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.

Always moving, always in synch. Girls chased those dancing lashes, but the boy never even glanced at the girls. The tango eyelashes refused to dance with anyone but Bea. They were made for her.

But more importantly, that boy would part with anything for that Bea. He would give his soul for her.

Ironically, the first thing that Daniel noticed about Bea was her eyes. They were blue. No, green. No, hazel. While her eyes changed colour through the day, his love for her never changed. It never wavered. It simply was.

He was sucked into those eyes, utterly and completely. His mind memorised the shape, colour and emotion of her eyes. He even marvelled at the two crimson dashes in her left eye. He’d heard that if you had marks in one eye, that person was going to have twins.The boy hoped and wished that they would be his.


Have you ever been in love? Let me know in the comments below.



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